Creation science or evolutionism?
Henry Morris or Carl Sagan?

Are those our only choices? What should our children be taught? What are we to believe ourselves?

All too often creation scientists and evolutionary naturalists have both misled us into believing these are the only two options. Whether to prove a young earth or a universe without God, both sides have abused the evidence. They have held science hostage to their religious or philosophical beliefs.

Howard Van Till, Davis Young and Clarence Menninga challenge these assumptions and lay out the proper boundaries and values of scientific investigation. From the creation science side they present case studies regarding the shrinking of the sun, the depth of dust on the moon, salt levels in the oceans and supposed missing layers of rock in the Grand Canyon. From the naturalist side they critique P. W. Atkins's The Creation and Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" series.

Here, from practicing scientists who are believing Christians, is sound, helpful information for all who are discontent with the current impasse in the creation-evolution debate.

Howard J. Van Till, professor of physics at Calvin College, is author of The Fourth Day: What the Bible and the Heavens Are Telling Us about the Creation. Davis A. Young and Clarence Menninga are professors of geology at Calvin College. Research for this book was conducted while the authors were fellows at the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship.

Howard J. Van Till, Davis Young, Clarence Menninga

InterVarsity Press
Downer's Grove, Illinois 60515

ISBN 0830812539