Most of us take it for granted. We just do it, whether it's trusting that the sun will come up tomorrow, that the lunch we eat is not poisoned or that our religious beliefs are not ill-founded. But why should we believe any of these things? Why should anyone believe anything at all?

With insight and humor, James Sire takes a look at the actual reasons people give for believing what they do. He then probes further to suggest more satisfying and compelling reasons for belief. Having examined the issue of belief in general, he turns to the question of believing that the Christian faith is true. Central to Christianity's truth claims, he argues, is the Person of Jesus Christ. What can we know about him? Why should we believe what we read about him is true?

Not content just to suggest reasons for belief, Sire tackles the chief reason against it--the problem of evil. No mere armchair theologian, he responds to this tough question personally as well as philosophically. Here is a book to challenge the skeptic and reassure the doubter in us all.

James W. Sire, senior editor at InterVarsity Press and campus lecturer for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, has addressed students on the topic of this book at more than 150 colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada as well as several in Eastern Europe. He is the author of numerous books including The Universe Next Door, Scripture Twisting, Discipleship of the Mind, and Chris Chrisman Goes to College.

James W. Sire

InterVarsity Press
Downer's Grove, Illinois 60515

ISBN: 0-8308-1397-7