Christians who are serious about their faith want to love God with all that they are-heart and mind and strength. Books abound on the devotional life, on commitment, on evangelism and practical Christian living, but few take up what it means to love God with our minds. How do we learn to honor God in the ways we think?

James Sire blazes a trail for Christians concerned about the discipleship of our minds. After looking at the attitudes toward God and ourselves necessary for the journey, he introduces us to the basics of the Christian world view. Separate chapters discuss the foundations of knowledge and the relationship between knowing and doing. With an eye to the practical, Sire offers specific suggestions on getting to know what is good and getting to know the world. He also provides valuable insights on how Christians might approach various academic disciplines as disciples of Christ.

Here is a book for all who desire to love God with their minds. James W. Sire, campus lecturer for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and senior editor for IVP, is the author of several books, including The Universe Next Door, How to Read Slowly and Scripture Twisting as well as the pamphlet Shirley MacLaine and the New Age Movement.

Includes an indispensable bibliography for developing a Christian world view.


Learning to Love God in the Ways We Think

James W. Sire

InterVarsity Press
P.O. Box 1400
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Copyright 1990

ISBN 0-87784-985-4