In this book, Lesslie Newbigin attempts to look at modern Western culture through the eyes of an outsider and to ask, "What would it mean to confront this culture with the gospel?"

Newbigin looks first at the broad issues raised by any cross-cultural communication of the gospel. He then focuses his discussion on modern Western culture, examining its essential features and the present signs of its disintegration. This leads to the main thrust of the book -- the crucial question of how biblical authority can be a reality for those who are shaped by this culture.

Newbigin goes on to consider what would be involved in the encounter between the gospel and modern science (which he calls the core of our culture), politics, and economics. Finally, he discusses the task of the church in bringing about this missionary encounter.

Unlike the many theological studies of gospel and culture from within, or studies of cross-cultural mission that emphasize mission from the First World to the Third World, this book treats the First World as mission field, offering a unique perspective on the relationship between the gospel and modern Western culture.

Lesslie Newbigin served for nearly forty years as a missionary in India and has long been active in international ecumenical organizations. Among his many books are The Light Has Come, Unfinished Agenda, and The Gospel in a Pluralist Society.


The Gospel and Western Culture

Lesslie Newbigin

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Copyright 1986

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