"This book will depress some and enrage others. Everyone should read it. Marsden demonstrates clearly how far American higher education has moved from its roots in the Protestant establishment. If we are to regain a moral vision for our colleges and universities, we must come to terms with this critical dimension of our past."

Robert Wuthnow
author of Acts of Compassion and
Christianity in the Twenty-first Century

"A national debate currently rages about the role of religion in higher education and in public intellectual life more generally. The Soul of the American University is indispensable reading in that debate. Grounded in serious historical research, argued with clear-headed passion, George Marsden's book will raise hackles. More importantly, it raises crucial-and now unavoidable-questions."

James Turner
author of Without God, Without Creed:
The Origins of Unbelief in America

George Marsden

Oxford University Press
Copyright 1994

ISBN 0-19-507046-1