"Darwin on Trial is unquestionably the best critique of Darwinism I have ever read. Professor Johnson combines a broad knowledge of biology with the incisive logic of a leading legal scholar to deliver a brilliant and devastating attack on the whole edifice of Darwinian belief. There is no doubt that this book will prove a severe embarrassment to the Darwinian establishment."

Dr. Michael Denton, Molecular Biologist
and author of Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

"Darwin on Trial shows just how Darwinian evolution has become an idol of the contemporary tribe, and how deeply philosophical and religious ideas enter into its status as part of the intellectual orthodoxy of our day."

Alvin Plantinga, Professor of Philosophy
Notre Dame University

"Darwin on Trial is both an excellent and highly readable presentation of the difficulties that Darwinians have yet to provide a convincing answer to, and an eye-opening history of some of the recent attempts by Darwinians to control the terms of the debate. I recommend it very highly."

Peter van Inwagen, Professor of Philosophy
Syracuse University

"Phillip Johnson has done extremely well in making himself familiar with evolutionary theory and biological ways of reasoning .... This book is highly recommended as an introduction to the current controversy on evolution."

Dr. Siegfried Scherer, Faculty of Biology
University of Konstanz, Germany

"Darwin on Trial is more than just a brilliant critique of the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution. It is also an insightful analysis of the strong philosophical bias for faith in evolution held by many of the theory's leading advocates."

Dr. Walter Bradley, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Texas A & M University

"In all the vast literature on Darwinism, evolution, creation, and theism, one will likely not find a treatment so calm, comprehensive, and compellingly persuasive as Phillip Johnson's Darwin on Trial. I recommend it with enthusiasm."

Richard John Neuhaus, Editor, First Things

"Darwin's theory of evolution is one of the great intellectual superstition of modern times. It does the soul good to see a Berkeley professor attack it."

Tom Bethell, The Hoover Institution

Phillip E. Johnson

Regnery Gateway
Washington, D.C. 20036

ISBN: 0-89526-535-4

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