Resolving Conflicts between Science and the Bible

The Origin of the Universe
Old Earth/New Earth
Miracles/Scientific Laws

"The Bible tells us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go."


The church disagreed with Galileo. That set off a controversy that rages on today. The passion remains but the issues have changed and the arguments have become more complex. Do miracles conflict with scientific laws? How did the universe begin? Does the creation story in Genesis conflict with evolution?

Hummel sets these controversies in historical perspective by telling the fascinating stories of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Newton. Through their eyes we see how science flourished and floundered under the influence of the church, setting the scene for modern conflicts.

Then Hummel turns to the Bible, discussing its relationship to science, the place of miracles and the biblical account of the origin of the universe. His treatment of modern controversies is respectful and fairminded. Yet he does not hesitate to criticize the views of others and argue for his own.

A masterful but basic introduction to science and the Bible.

Charles E. Hummel holds advanced degrees in chemical engineering (Yale) and biblical literature (Wheaton), and has served as president of Barrington College. He is currently director of faculty ministries for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and is the author of Fire in the Fireplace: Contemporary Charismatic Renewal.

"By the end of the last century, the Galileo affair was seen in some quarters as a classic confrontation in the 'warfare between science and Christianity' and Galileo himself as a 'martyr of science.' But, as Charles Hummel so ably recounts, Galileo, like Copernicus and Kepler, was a sincere Christian, and the affair itself was far too complex to be explained in such blackandwhite terms. Similarly, the interpretation of Genesis 1 and the 'warfare' between creation and evolution is fraught with pitfalls for anyone who seeks simplistic solutions. Hummel's perceptive and readable account gives an illuminating background and a clear analysis for a Christian understanding of modern science."-

Owen Gingerich
Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Charles E. Hummel

InterVarsity Press
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ISBN : 0-87784-500-X