"Dr. Geisler is extremely erudite, possessing an astonishing wealth of scholarly knowledge, and displays a remarkable gift of superb organization and clear analysis in laying out his material.... I consider Christian Apologetics the best textbook we have on behalf of conservative evangelical Christianity."

Clark H. Pinnock (Christian Scholar's Review)

"A very thorough and syatematic defense of evangelical Christian theism.... Overall, Christian Apologetics deserves to become a standard text in Christian apologetics classes."

A. J. Hoover (Eternity)

"Destined to be a major textbook for evangelicals in apologetics.... [It will] help a generation of readers and students faced with a tough-minded humanism to give cogent and careful defense of the faith."

F. R. Howe (Bibliotheca Sacra)

"Provides the reader with a fundamentally sound approach to Christian apologetics.... It will be a valuable addition to any student's library."

Michael Hill (Reformed Theolgical Review)

Norman L. Geisler, professor of apologetics at Dallas Theological Seminary, may be evangelicalism's most prolific philosopher. He has written more standard textbooks than any other. Among those texts are Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, and Miracles and Modern Thought. He is also a founder of the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

Norman L. Geisler

Baker Book House
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49516

ISBN: 0-8010-3822-7