Alston, William P.

The Experiential Basis of Theism

Why I am a Christian

Anderson, Norris

1995-96 Science Textbook Analysis

The Alabama Insert: A Call for Impartial Science

Ayoub, George

On the Design of the Vertebrate Retina






Barr, Stephen M.

The Atheism of the Gaps

The Fire in the Equations

Battson, Art

On the Origin of Stasis

What Should We Teach in Public Schools?

Behe, Michael J.

Molecular Machines: Experimental Support for the Design Inference

Evidence for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry

The Evolution of a Skeptic

Darwin Under the Microscope

Beloff, John

Minds or Machines

Berlinski, David

The Deniable Darwin

The End of Materialist Science

Full House Follies (Review of S.J. Gould's Full House)

Bethell, Tom

A New Beginning: Darwin revisionism goes mainstream (Review of Darwin's Black Box)

Bradley, Walter

Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God






Callebaut, Werner

Taking the Natural Turn, or How Real Philosophy of Science is Done

Campbell, John Angus

Monkeying With Science Education

John Stuart Mill, Charles Darwin, and the Culture Wars: Resolving a Crisis

in Education

Craig, William Lane

The Caused Beginning of the Universe: A Response to Quentin Smith

Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection...

Cosmos and Creator: Selected Highlights

Creation and Big Bang Cosmology

The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe

God And The Initial Cosmological Singularity: A Reply To Quentin Smith

The Resurrection of Theism






Denton, Michael

An Interview With Michael Denton






Evans, C. Stephen

The Mystery of Persons and Belief in God






France, R. T.

The Gospels As Historical Sources for Jesus, The Founder of Christianity







Geisler, Norman

Miracles and Modern Thought

Gingerich, Owen

Is There a Role for Natural Theology Today?






Hartwig, Mark

Challenging Darwin's Myths

Measuring Political Correctness: Literacy Test Really a Litmus Test

Denying the Obvious

Hofmann, James R.

Data, Theory, and Evolutionary Phenomena







Jastrow, Robert

Message from Professor Robert Jastrow

Jeffrey, Grant R.

The Mysterious Hebrew Codes

Johnson, Paul

The Necessity for Christianity

Johnson, Phillip E.

How Can We Tell Science from Religion?

Comparing Hostage-Takers

Daniel Dennett's Dangerous Idea

Darwinism's Rules of Reasoning

The Extinction of Darwinism

God and Evolution: An exchange with Howard J. Van Till

How Did We Get Here?: A Cyber Debate with Kenneth R. Miller

Is God Unconstitutional?

The Storyteller and the Scientist

What (If Anything) Hath God Wrought?

What is Darwinism?

The Creationist and the Sociobiologist

Nihilism and the End of Law

Book Review: "Chapter and Verse: A Skeptic Revisits Christianity" by Mike Bryan

You say you want a devolution?

The Unraveling of Scientific Materialism

The Gorbachev of Darwinism

Domesticating Darwin








Kline, Meredith

Space and Time in the Genesis Cosmology

Koons, Robert C.

Naturalism, Theism, and the Scientific Enterprise

Kreeft, Peter

The Case for Life After Death






Leslie, John

The Prerequisites of Life in Our Universe

Lewis, H.D.

Truth and Finite Limitations

Lobkowicz, Nikolaus

Marxism as the Ideology of Our Age

Lonergan, Bernard J.F.

Why I am a Christian

Long, Stephen

One Christian's Perspective on Work: A Personal Testimony






Malik, Charles

The Intellectual and Spiritual Crisis of the University

McInerny, Ralph

Why the Burden of Proof is on the Atheist

Meyer, Stephen C.

Scientific Correctness in San Francisco

Meynell, Hugo

Hume, Kant, and Rational Theism

Mills, Gordon and Kenyon, Dean

The RNA World: A Critique

Margenau, Henry

Why I am a Christian

Minsky, Marvin

Minds are Simply what Brains Do

Martin, David

Why I am a Christian

Moore, James

The Darwin Legend

Moravec, Hans

Dualism through Reductionism






Nelson, Paul

On the Pandas and People Textbook

Newman, R. C.; Bloom, J A.; Phillips, P. G.; and Studenroth, J C.

The Status of Evolution as a Scientific Theory

Noll, Mark A.

Ignorant Armies







Parker, Richard B.

Issues of Science and Faith

Has Science Trivialized God?

Religion & Science in Tension

God's Creation: The Universe, Earth, Time and Space

The Creation of Life

The Role of DNA in God's Creation

A History of the Integration of Science and Christian Faith

Patterson, Colin

Colin Patterson Revisits His Famous Question About Evolution

Pauley, Edward H.

"Mere Christianity"

Pearson, Birger

The Gospel According to the Jesus Seminar

Plantinga, Alvin

A Response To Pope John Paul II's Fides Et Ratio
Advice To Christian Philosophers
An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism
Augustinian Christian Philosophy
Christian Philosophy at the End of the 20th Century
Christian Scholarship: Nature
Christian Scholarship: Need
Darwin, Mind and Meaning
Evolution, Neutrality, and Antecedent Probability
Intellectual Sophistication and Basic Belief in God
Methodological Naturalism: Part 1
Methodological Naturalism: Part 2
Naturalism Defeated
On Christian Scholarship
On Rejecting the Theory of Common Ancestry
Theism, Atheism, and Rationality
Truth, Omniscience, and Cantorian Arguments
Two Dozen or so Theistic Arguments
Two (Or More) Kinds of Scripture Scholarship
When Faith and Reason Clash: Evolution and the Bible
An Interview with Professor Alvin Plantinga


Poole, Michael

A Critique of Richard Dawkins' Views on Religion





ReMine, Walter J.

The Biotic Message

Ross, Hugh

The Creation Date Controversy

Russell, Jeffrey B.


Dissent, The Devil, and the Return of the Cosmos to God

Glory in Time


A Glimpse of Heaven

In the World But Not of the World

The Last Judgment

Miracles and the Metanormal


The Resurrection of Jesus

The Uniqueness of Jesus

The Myth of the Flat Earth






Sandage, Allan

A Scientist Reflects on Religious Belief

Schaefer, Henry "Fritz" III

Stephen Hawking, The Big Bang, and God

Schutzenberger, Marcel-Paul

The Miracles of Darwinism: Selected Highlights

Seifert, Josef

From Relativism and Skepticism to Truth and Certainty

Stump, Eleonore

Modern Biblical Scholarship, Philosophy of Religion and ...

Swinburne, Richard

The Justification of Theism






Thaxton, Charles

Christianity and the Scientific Enterprise (I)

Thomas, Michael

Stasis Considered

Tipler, Frank

The Physics of Immortality

Trethowan, Dom Illtyd

Awareness of God






Van Till, Howard J.

God and Evolution: An exchange with Phillip E. Johnson

Varghese, Roy Abraham

Heaven Here and Now and Why Good Things Happen to Bad People

Vitz, Paul

The Psychology of Atheism






Wiester, John

Paradigm Shifts in Geology and Biology

Geosynclinal Theory and Plate Tectonics; Darwinism and Intelligent Design

Wise, Kurt

Truly a Wonderful Life

Witztum, Doron

Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis

Woodward, Tom

Meeting Darwin's Wager






Yockey, Hubert

Message from Hubert Yockey