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Why do Christians describe God as Triune?

What is the Holy Spirit?

Who is Jesus and why is he important?

Will everyone have to face judgment?

How can God judge those who have never heard the gospel?

Why doesn't God punish evil sooner? Why did He allow Hitler and Stalin to do so much evil?

Will a God of love punish people eternally?

What is the purpose of Christ's cross?

Why is Jesus resurrection important?

Where is Jesus today? When will he return?

What is meant by the grace of God?

Is there an unforgivable sin?

What must I do to deserve eternal life?

How can I be sure of eternal life?

Why is repentance important?

Why is faith important?

If eternal life is a free gift, what are good works for?

What will heaven be like?

What is hell like?

Why does God allow pain, suffering, and grief?

Can I really experience joy in this world?

How should I live?

Why is humility important?

Why should I join a church or have fellowship with other believers?

Aren't Christians self-righteous?

Aren't most Christian hypocrites?

What does scripture say about the creation of the universe?

Why is there such disunity among God's people?

What does the fear of the Lord mean?

What special freedoms do Christians have?

What special gifts does God give his people?

What can I give in return?

How can I be more comforted in life?

Does God care for nature?

Does God care for the unborn?

Does God care that some are rich while others are poor? Are material things a blessing or a curse?

Is God always present with us?

Does God test our faith?

Is it necessary to believe in miracles?

Where does secular government derive its authority from?

Was scripture inspired by God?

Does prayer really work?

What does scripture say about adultery and homosexual behavior?

Will there be a great tribulation before Jesus comes again?

What Biblical references are there to the Millennium?

What ought to be the goal of education?

updated * December 20, 1997