Veritas, or Truth, should be the goal of any educational pursuit. The Veritas Forum is an effort to engage the University in its most fundamental purpose: the pursuit of knowledge.

In 1992, fifteen writers of the book Finding God at Harvard (Zondervan) began the Veritas Forum at Harvard University. Since their inception, Veritas Forums have been held annually at Harvard and have spread to more than fifty universities, involving more than 75,000 students, faculty, and community members as well as featuring a number of well-known scholars and public figures.

Each campus Veritas Forum is an indigenous event, consisting of leadership, vision, administration, and financial resources primarily arising from within the sponsoring campus student group communities. The Veritas Forum at UCSB is jointly and joyfully sponsored by thirteen student groups and the Faculty/Staff Christian Community.

Attendees of the Forum will have the unique opportunity to hear speakers and performers who are intellectually and artistically accomplished, yet able to share their faith in personal, heartfelt, and entertaining ways.

A large part of the Veritas experience is the ability to interact with and question the featured speakers and artists, in order to start a dialogue within the community aimed at encouraging the pursuit of truth. Attendees may find themselves at a workshop on film, a lunch with a world-renowned scientist, or a coffee house sipping mocha and discussing philosophy.

Our purpose in having the Forum is to promote dialogue about Truth and to explore the ultimate questions of life, society, and the human condition, and how they relate to Truth found in Jesus Christ. We genuinely desire that the thinking person, regardless of religious background, will feel welcomed, respected, and challenged to reflect more deeply on the great questions of life. We are all in this search together.

The Veritas Forum at UCSB is dependent upon individual and local church support. Our thanks to all who have contributed to the first annual Veritas Forum in Santa Barbara. Has your church made Veritas a part of their campus ministry? Click here to find out.

Tax-deductible donations may be sent to:

Veritas Forum
P.O. Box 14204
Santa Barbara, CA 93107